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Imagine, you’ve had a long day and it’s late. You’re tired and you just want to get home to your bed. Unfortunately, that means driving through the night. As you’re driving you notice your vehicle is acting strange. Your car ends up breaking down.  Fortunately, our services are available for 24-hour help. Sometimes minor issues can turn into major ones quickly. The last thing you need is your car to break down in the middle of nowhere with no help. All City towing has helped thousands of people get the help they need when they need it. Call us at (414)-559-1820




Towing a heavy load is never fun for anyone, but we are experts at it! We capable of towing all of your heaviest needs with our heavy-wreckers, just call us now and find out how easy it is to get service. Including Semis, buses, tractors, or trailers, we can do it all! Call us today and get the best service


Every day, we tow people out of a bad situation and get them back on the road. That's what towing is all about. We know there are many decisions you need to make when you need a tow truck. We promise that when your vehicle is damaged or stalled somewhere, our professional technicians will provide you with the best service possible.


When you're stuck, give us a call! We provide services in, jumpstarts, lockouts, fuel delivery and tire changes. Things happen out of your control, allow us to assist you in getting back on the road as fast as possible!


Our company offers nationwide vehicle transportation services. We offer professional and insured transport door to door. Our experienced team will ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and promptly.

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